HITRUST Readiness

HITRUST CSF Assistance Program

If you are a healthcare covered entity or business associate, required to comply with the HIPAA Rules and Regulations, and you’re looking to certify your systems and services using the HITRUST CSF (Common Security Framework), Ivy Compliance can help your organization kick-off its journey. Upon downloading the HITRUST CSF materials and seeing the 13 control categories, 150+ control references, and all the various standards and regulations included it looks like a daunting task. Ivy Compliance is here to bring clarity to the process, help you identify which standards and regulations you need to concern yourself with and ultimately which control references are in play for your organization and at what level. Ivy Compliance will help your organization:

  • Determine what HITRUST CSF control references are required to comply with your SLAs and federal, state, and local standards and regulations
  • Review your current policies and guide you through aligning them with the appropriate HITRUST CSF control categories, objectives, and controls
  • Work with you and your teams to ensure that you have the procedures and processes in place to support your policies
  • Prepare for populating the HITRUST MyCSF, a tool required by HITRUST for cataloging your organizations artifacts, assessing your level of readiness and preparing you for a review by a certified HITRUST auditor
  • Augment your workforce, filing the gap as project manager/coordinator during the HITRUST MyCSF readiness process and remediation cycle

HITRUST CSF Certification is one of the, if not the, most recognized and respected certifications in healthcare. By measuring your organizations policies, procedures and controls against the HITRUST CSF versus other security frameworks, you are provided the ability and flexibility to cover multiple security frameworks as well as federal, state, and local standards and regulations.

Why Ivy Compliance

With over 20 years of experience working in highly regulated environments, Ivy Compliance understands the challenges organizations face in meeting compliance requirement. Traditionally, organizations turn to law firms or accounting/audit firms to measure their readiness. These options are typically expensive and many times these companies are brought in prematurely leading to additional remediation cycles and extra cost.

Ivy Compliance…

  • Cost effectively bridges that gap between your current state and the appropriate time to bring in a certified audit firm
  • Provides an objective view of your current compliance and information security plan
  • Works with you and your teams to identify gaps and suggests strategies for remediating those gaps
  • Leaves you with a set of policies and procedures covering the requirements of the security framework selected and a plan for collecting the necessary evident exemplifying that policies and procedures are understood and followed

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